Tanya's Dream Home in Whangarei


Ask Tanya Maich from Whangarei what the biggest lesson she learnt while building her home with Classic Builders was, and her first instinct is to exclaim, “I love building houses and I want to do it again!”


Tanya and her family moved into their four-bedroom family home on a 2,000 square metre section in 2017 and have been living their dream life ever since.

“It was always a dream of mine to build a home and create something new and fresh.

“I love how dry and warm my house feels. When I step into other houses that are older, I really feel the difference.

“The other thing I love about our house is our living area; it catches the sun all day long. The build gave us lots of lovely surprises and wonderful angles to look at; this wasn’t planned but worked out really great.”

This was Tanya’s first time building a house and found that the key to making it such a success was a real sense of teamwork she felt immediately between herself and the Classic team.

“When I turned up at the front office of Classic Builders there was a very warm, welcoming feeling... I knew straight away that I was walking into an environment where I would be able to relate easily to the people I was working with and that was extremely important for me because I knew I wanted to be involved as much as possible.

 “When we had the section, they were the only housing company that were willing and quick to come and stand on the section with me and have a consult about what would actually work. They stood with me and said yes, that plan would look great, but you can’t put it on here because it’ll be too close to the boundary, etc. And this was right from the very beginning, before I’d even committed to working with them which was awesome, I really, really appreciated that.

“I also liked how Jim (the Building Consultant) made a couple of great suggestions in the early days of the build, things I hadn’t thought of before, like painting our bricks; which meant we had more choice with colour and creates a really cool effect when looking at it from the road.

“From that point onwards it was nothing but positives – even if little things popped up, because let’s face it, all builds have challenges. There was never a defensive tone, there was always a willingness to work out how to get through it.”

 Of course, it helps when the person building the home goes the extra mile herself to make it a special experience for all involved.

“Yes, you have to respect health and safety laws, but I always let the tradies and builders know when I was going to pop by with the odd cake, or box of beer. These guys often worked weekends away from their families and friends, and yet always maintained a positive working-relationship and atmosphere within the build.”


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