Designing your home from scratch? Here’s where to start.
The possibilities are practically endless when it comes to designing your new home from scratch. It’s exciting, but can also be a little overwhelming. However,
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What is a site evaluation and why do you need one when building new?
To build new is to dream of all the ways your home can be designed and built just for you. But before that process can begin, it’s important to ensure all the
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Building new vs. buying existing - which is the right choice for you?
When it’s time to upsize or downsize, most of us generally head straight to listings of existing property for sale. Perhaps it is seen as the ‘easier’ option,
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House & Land vs. Design & Build
Choosing to build a new home is a big decision! But even once you’ve settled on that, you then have to decide if you should purchase a house and land package
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What Are Land Covenants?
Building a home is certainly an exciting journey to embark on, it’s an opportunity to choose almost everything that will come together to create your dream
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4 Things a Builder Should Be Doing Before Giving You a Price
The cost to build can make or break our decision to build a new home - everyone has a budget of course. But when we’re caught up in the excitement of wanting
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Choosing the Right Builder
Before looking at land, going to an architect, or looking at floorplans, focus on finding a good builder. Builders live and breathe this stuff every day, so
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Where to Start on your Design & Build Journey
Your journey building your dream home is going to be one of the most exciting experiences of your life.
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