Kitchen Envy in Queenstown


“Having worked with the Classic team over the years, I knew their systems and I knew they were easy to deal with. But since they built our new home, I can now recommend Classic Builders from a client’s perspective. It was interesting being on the other side of the fence.”

Dan Grice’s new home is in Shotover Country, Queenstown. It was Dan’s first time building, but not his first experience with Classic Builders. Dan works for iKitchen, which supplies modular kitchens for some Classic homes.


“Our business model - good quality products at really good prices – is similar to Classic’s,” he says. “We complement each other really nicely.”

So, what does he love most about his new abode?

“Obviously the kitchen!” he laughs. “But the whole house is great. We’ve finally got enough room for me and my partner, our three-year-old daughter, the dog and everything in the garage.”




Dan was familiar with the build process before designing his three-bedroom home (with a self-contained flat, which he plans to rent out to help service the mortgage) but says the experience was even better than expected.

“What Classic Builders does well is help you make decisions right at the start, so everything is clear before any earthwork begins. If you have any questions, you just ring the office or your construction manager, and they’re happy to help you out.”


Our Building Consultant Damien Petre doesn’t beat around the bush – if it’s a good (or bad) idea, he’ll tell you.

“Honesty is what you want, you don’t want a slimy salesman,” says Dan. “Damien was awesome when going through the consultation process. He helped to save us some money, too. During the earthworks process he told us there was a site being cleared across the road, and rather than getting earth from somewhere far away he organised to use it from there, which saved us more than $1500. We really appreciated the transparency.”


Dan says prioritising your wish-list is important before getting carried away during a new home build. 

“Work out what’s important to you,” he suggests. “Instead of going hard and fast and then having to peel back all the good things to meet the budget, prioritise what you want right from the start. We chose to spend more on things like sensor lighting and dimmer switches and underfloor heating. These were small costs in the grand scheme of things, but they make a huge difference.


“And of course, find the right company to build with! It was exciting going to the site every week and seeing the changes. You often see sites sitting there for months with no progress, but not with us. There was always something new to check out, which gave us that much more confidence we chose the right company in Classic.”

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