Building an Investment Portfolio


Lisa and her family are onto their fifth home built with Classic Builders - and they're not slowing down any time soon. With four investment homes and one family home under their belt, Lisa believes one major thing sets apart a Classic home - the quality. Read about her experience below. 

The background

I’ve built five houses with Classic Builders; one is our family home and the rest are rental investments. I believe you can always tell a Classic home because of its sharp finish, and buyers can too - I put one of these rental homes on the market the day after it was completed, and five days later, it was sold.

I’ve chosen to continue building with Classic Builders because they make a quality product. They have strong systems in place. They’re trustworthy, reliable and financially backed.

A friend of mine built with Classic, and it was obvious to me it was the best house on the street. I decided to visit the Showhome, which is where I met Damian Petre. I knew I wanted to build a number of homes over the coming years, and that I wanted to develop an ongoing relationship with the company building my investments.

The experience

In all my builds, the process has been seamless from start to finish. The team work hard to meet deadlines and they’re always one step ahead of the curve.

When dealing with your family investment, it’s important to feel reassured that everything’s running smoothly. I feel like I’m always across what’s happening because they’re always in touch.

I love the way they take care of all the hard parts – it really takes the stress away. I’d much rather pick the colour of the carpet than deal with the council!

They listen, too. I tell them what I want, and I’m presented with a number of designs that are near perfect because they genuinely listen to what I ask for. If there’s ever an issue, I know they’ll always be there to fix it as soon as possible. And if I want something unusual, they’re not afraid to look outside the box for a solution.

The final word

I will 100% continue building with Classic Builders, we’re just getting started!

Ready to act?

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